Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Increase Your Pc Speed For Gaming

Today i have a very Good Solution To Speed up Gaming and everything it will not effect your computer performance and it's very easy to use ..
Mz Game Accelerator is a free program works to speed up computer games, and not run the games that can not work on the computer because of an incompatibility settings computer with the game, because the program Mz Game Accelerator will disable all the services of Windows unnecessary and that use computer resources in addition toRAM cleaning and preparation for hours of continuous play, in addition to focus Processor work only on the game and reduce his interest in the programs and other services engaged on Windows without forgetting not to mention increase processor capacity to pay more attention to the game and all this with the click of a button!

After Downloading the program check all Options there :

[Image: 4.png]
Then Click On Switch To Game acceleration Mode where the program will work to speed up and improve PC Performance
and Setting it To Run Your favorite Game everything you have to do after making sure the program is running is to launch
your Game and feel the difference and As you See from the picture below that the program reduce other apps resources
After launching it and it will never damage them they will just work in background with limited resources !

[Image: be.png]


[Image: wow.png]


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