Wednesday, 18 December 2013

How to Get UNLIMITED Facebook Fan Page LIKES

This method will give you Unlimited REAL Likes on your Fan Page for Free.
First, create a hot girl profile on Facebook. Make it look legit, don't put an image of Megan Fox on your profile. But make sure that the profile picture is good looking and skimpily dressed. Choose Twilight, Mills and Boons, Justin Bieber and all those tacky stuff as interests. Make it as feminine as it can be.

Now we need to add lots of friends
There are two ways to do that

1. Through Add Me Pages
Search "add me" in the Facebook Search and choose the active pages. Post extremely provocative pictures and say add me. You will get loads of friend requests. Post frequently. And in the meantime continue adding people who have posted on those pages. But be careful, don't add too many people at once or your account will get blocked.

2. Adding Game Pages
Search "adding game" and you will find lots of active pages for that. These types of pages mostly post a game which is like "comment anything and add whoever like your comment" and they get lots of comments on a single post. So what you have to do is like eveyone's comments and you will get S*** loads of requests. I know its time consuming but don't worry I found something to automate this work.

Things you need to automate this works:

1. Firefox (if you don't have google it)

2. Greasemonkey Add-on : GREASE MONKEY

3. Facebook auto like Script : Script HERE

Install Greasemonkey first then add auto like script.
Now enable the add-on and go to any of the status of adding game pages. You will get a small box on left to the bottom when you are on Facebook. View all comments and click like all comments from the small box then sit back and watch.
(Note: Dont go over 300 comments like at a time or you will be block)

Very soon your profile will have hundreds or even thousands of friends. Now comes the twist. Convert your Facebook profile to a Facebook Fan Page. This way all your friends will be automatically converted to fans. Search "Convert Facebook profile to page" on Google. Click on the first result which is from facebook and follow the directions from there. While converting MAKE SURE that you categorize your page as a BUSINESS page. This trick works only on product or business pages.

You must be wondering "But wait, this won't give me unlimited likes...". No, it will. Continue reading. Once your page is ready, transfer the page to another account, which you have created for managing pages. Make that account the sole admin of the page.

Now create another hot girl profile on Facebook and follow the earlier steps. Once you are satisfied with the number of friends, convert this profile to a fan page as well. Now comes another clever twist. MAKE SURE that the PAGE NAME is EXACTLY THE SAME as the one you have earlier created, and both must be BUSINESS PAGES. Now transfer this page again to the same account, where you transferred the previous page. Just to clarify, when I say the page name, I literally mean the Page Name, NOT the custom url.

So, now that account, where you transferred both the pages will have 2 pages will have the exact same page name. Now MERGE both the pages. Please note you can only merge the Page with fewer likes into the one with more likes. To do so:

  • First make sure all the duplicate pages are having the same name.
  • Go to the Page with the most likes. This will be the one you'll keep.
  • Go to Admin Panel -> Manage -> Edit Page -> Resources -> Develop your page.

  • Only if you have duplicate pages under the same name, you will be able to see the option Merge duplicate pages.
  • Click on Merge duplicate pages.
  • It will give you a pop up. (Your fans will be carried over but you will lose all the content.)
  • Check in the pages you need to merge and click Merge Pages.

  • Again it will give you a Popup.
  • There you can see a warning stating that only your likes and check-ins will be merged not the content. Content in the duplicate pages will be permanently deleted, so be careful and make sure there are no important content.
  • If you have any content that need to be merged, you have to upload them manually to primary fan page.
  • Once you click Merge Pages it will show you a confirmation.
  • Now your pages have been successfully merged.

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