Friday, 20 December 2013

How To Share Your Files Without Uploading

This is a new method to share you files direct to your friends with a mediator. You can save your uploading and downloading time with this direct sharing method. It will help direct download from others computer. That time computer act like a server. Speed of direct file access is depend up on your or your partner internet speed. You can any type file with this method. It also provide multiple file sharing option. You can drag and drop your files to parachute symbol. This is a method to save your time like a copy paste option. Please share this method to all friends. and enjoy….

Just go HERE

Just click on parachute symbol to select your files. (or drag and drop your files to parachute symbol)

[Image: Just%252520click%252520on%252520parachut...imgmax=800]

Now appear you file below. Just click on Create link button.

[Image: Now%252520appear%252520you%252520file%25...imgmax=800]

Wait 2-3 seconds for create link.

Now Appear a link above. Please share that link to all your friends.

[Image: Appear%252520a%252520link%252520above.%2...imgmax=800]


This link works only one time. Please, keep your browser tab open while you are sharing, If you close it, your friend can't download it.

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