Sunday, 5 October 2014

Verify unlimited Facebook accounts with just 1 Gmail account

Hello Guys, you can verify unlimited facebook accounts with just one gmail 
account by getting all the verifications mails to one email Id..

I take '' as an example ...go to, fill the signup form,enter you name,DOB,etc but in 'email address' field enter any fake email address like ""
or anything rubbish... ,click on signup button,skip all other signup 
steps ....after skipping all the steps,you will get a message about 
email bounce and that they could not find your email address.Now click 
on 'change email address' ,enter your password and put your actual email
Id with dots in the username... e.g. Use '' .....and guess what? The verification email will be sent to (if you don't get the verif. Mail,it means username 'c.ooldude' is already in use,which is a rare case)

Now,signup for another facebook account and repeat the whole process and this time use '' ...then ' and so on.... After you have used the dot after every letter in your username ,start using 2 dots in your username e.g. ''
,keep shifting the dots ,get all the verification mails to the same 
email id and thus verify unlimited facebook accounts

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