Saturday, 14 December 2013

Auto Clicker Scripts For Neobux And Probux

In my last post i show you HOW TO Earn 2$ A Day With Probux And Neobux . Today i am providing you a very useful method of earning money fro these PTC sites.

 The method is using Autoclicker scripts. With the use of these scripts you can earn money easily without clicking any adds.. Just open the view add page and your script will do rest of work automatically without any effort
Join ClixSense here:
Get the ClixSense AdCloser Script here:

Join NeoBux here:
Get the NeoBux Auto Clicker Script 1 here:

if you are using mozilla firefox you can use this script to disable leave page option:

Join ProBux here:
Get the ProBux Auto Clicker Script here:

Get the GreaseMonkey Addon for Firefox so you can run JS Scripts here:

Get the TamperMonkey Addon for Chrome so you can run JS Scripts here:

If you have any problem relate to scripts please let me know about it.


  1. Hi, maybe you are interested in robotclicker:

    Clicks all ads and adprizes on neobux and is 100% working. You can do anything else on your computer while robot clicks al ads for you...Also great during your holidays:)

    Try it out:)

    1. thnx for help robotclick if i find your tool usefull i will also post a tutorial on that.

    2. Hi
      Try it out, works really great..let me know if you need any help..:)


    3. its a paid software and i dont think that everyone is capable to buy things across internet.

      I believe in free sharing.

  2. Hey, sorry I'm having trouble with using my script... I have a probux account, but I don't know where to add my javascript text, can you help me ? please send me an email : thanks a lot

    1. hey Emilie if you are using mozilla firefox then install gereasemonkey add on in it. then download the script and it will ask you to install that script. After that you can run this script

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  4. i cant ablee to use neobux script in chrome

  5. any one plese sent me a script bcz i cant download pls help me

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