Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Boost your WiFi signals using a Coke Can [How]

Now Boost your WiFi signals with this simple trick.The clever trick of a useless Beer Can( Coke Tin) will be an ultra Tech Hack.This method has been proven to improve the WiFi strength around 2 bars to about 4 on average. Through this trick all you have to waste is just a Beer Can.

Materials Required:
(Note: You can also use any Coke Tin  )

Boost your WiFi signals using a Beer Can

Step 1: Make sure that there is no residue left inside.

Step 2:  Take off the Ring Pull from the Beer Can.
Step 3: Cut the end of the Beer Can where there is no opening using a safety knife.
Step 4: Cut along the Red dotted line and leave some area at the hole area.
Step 5:Now Cut the Can as it is figure.
Step 6: Open up the middle piece of the metal as shown.
Step 7: Being careful, open up the middle piece of metal by bending it until it  resembles the shape of a radar dish :)
Step 8: Place the Completed WiFi booster on your Router properly towards the direction of main WiFi provider.

  • Be Careful with the sharp edges around the Beer Can. I`m not responsible for any cause :O

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