Tuesday, 9 July 2013

23 New Shortcuts for Windows 8

23 New Shortcuts for Windows 8:

We all know that,Recently Microsoft released Windows8 Consumer Preview(If you are new to windows 8 consumer preview,just download it from here ).There were many features updated in win8 than its previous developer edition.

To get all the Metro design and settings and new settings,you have to know the few Keyboard Shortcuts.


Win+C : All charms
Win+Q : Search charm
Win+H : Share charm
Win : Start charm
Win+K : Devices charm
Win+I  : Settings charm


Win+Q  : Search apps
(tip: an even easier way to search apps is to just begin typing from the Start screen)
Win+W  : Search settings
Win+F  : Search files

Apps (Metro):

Win+Z  : Get to app options
Win+.  : Snap app to the left
Win+Shift+.  : Snap app to the right
Alt+F4   : Close an app


Win+D  : Open Desktop
Win+,    : Peek at desktop
Win+B   : Back to desktop


Win+X  : Open system utility settings menu
Win+PrntScrn  : Take screenshot and save to Pictures
Win+Tab  : Open switch list
Win+T  : Preview open windows in taskbar
Win+U  : Open Ease of Access Center
Win+Spacebar  : Switch language and keyboard
Win+Enter  : Open Windows Narrator

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