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How to Run a Facebook Ad at Only 1 cent a Click

Hello friends today i am going to post this tutorial on request of one of our user. this is about the cheap advertisement on facebook which will help you to save lots of money in case of advertising on facebook. So without waisting time lets get started.

1.  Login to your Facebook account and then click on this link  CLICK HERE . You shoud come to a page that looks like this

2.  If you have a fanpage, it will be displayed in the Destination box so if you don’t want to use that in your ad, use the drop down menu to select “External URL” as pictured.

3.  Where it says “URL”, type or copy and paste the address of the website you want to promote.

4.  Now you need to type your ad into the next 2 boxes “Title” and “Body”. The title box only holds 25 characters so choose your title wisely. This box will be used to target people so if for example you are selling burgers in Chicago, make sure the words “Burgers” and “Chicago” are in the title. Also try and make the title and/or the body catchy to try and attract someone’s attention on a Facebook page. Think about what would catch your eye and use that sort of thing in your ad. Also, if for example you only want local people to click on your ad, then make sure you indicate that in the “Body” of the ad. So, taking our previous example you could put something like “If you’re in Chicago, make sure you checkout our offer on Mega Burgers Here!” or whatever will fit in the “Body” box.

5.  Next, where it says Image click on “Upload My Own” then on “Browse” and add a picture/photo from your computer. When you have completed your ad, click “Continue”.

6.  Fill in the next page in a similar way to in the picture below (further down on the next page). To add a country, click in the “Country” box and start typing a country. Facebook should recognise the country as you are typing so click on it to select. Don’t worry about the fact that all those countries are being added or that it may be the wrong age range, gender etc for your ad. This wide range is what will bring down the cost per click for your ad to the lowest possible. Plus your ad will be self targeting. E.g. If you advertise mascara, not that many men will be drawn to your ad. So only people that are interested in your ad will click on it anyway.

7.  For most items, I would set the lower age at 17 although if you are selling something like an iPod you may want to lower this to say 15. You can lower it as low as 13 if what you are advertising is appropriate. Once you have added all the countries etc, click on “Continue”.

8.  You should now be on to Section 3 of submitting your ad called “Campaigns, Pricing and Scheduling. Before you do anything to it, the page should initially look similar to the picture below but please be aware that I am in the UK so mine will display UK currency, time etc.

9.  So now you need to change a few things. Firstly, if the “Account Currency” is wrong, change it to your chosen currency. Similarly, set you country and time zone. The campaign name can be left as it’s not important.

10. Make sure that under “Schedule” the “Run my campaign continuously starting today” box is ticked.

11. Now to “Campaign & budget”. I have mine set very low at £1.50 a day so that if an ad starts getting lots of clicks and no sales, I haven’t spent much. Set it low to start with, then if you get good results you can come back and increase it at any time.

12. Now to “Pricing” and here you need to click on “Set a Different Bid (advanced mode)”. Once you have done that, make sure that “Pay For Clicks (CPC) “ is selected. Then change the amount in the box to 0.01 (1 cent, 1 penny, EUR 0.01 etc) ignoring all the warnings telling you to increase your bid. Then click on “Review Advert”.

13. Check the details are ok and click on “Place Order”. You will only be billed once you have had plenty of clicks to your ad. Just place the 1 ad for now. If you want to place more, wait until Facebook have approved your first ad as it will save you a lot of work. They should send you an email once they have done this.

14. Once your first ad is approved. You may like to submit another different ad or you can even submit the same
ad again to get more hits at only 1p, 1 cent etc a click.

15. To do this and to see the stats for your ad, click on this link CLICK HERE and then click on “All Adverts” over on the left.

16. Your ad should be displayed together with a row of stats that may all say zero at the moment. The important ones are “reach” which is how many times your ad has been displayed on Facebook and “Clicks” which is how many times your ad has been clicked on. To get a fair result, you need to let your ad run for 24 hours before counting clicks per day etc.

17. Now back to submitting another ad. To do this all you do is click on the title of your ad and below the picture click on “Create a similar advert”. Then all you need to do is change the details in section 1 “Design Your Advert” (or if you are submitting the same ad twice or more, just leave the details the same). You can leave sections 2 and 3 the same as before. Then, when ready just scroll down and click on “Place Order”.

18. To view your ad’s stats at any time, use the link in stage 15.

19. You may find that some ads get more views than others. This is due to keywords in your ad title which you can edit if you wish. E.g. I found that one of my ads with Twitter in the title got lots of views so popular words get more views. To edit an ad, again click on the ad title, then just above the picture to the right, click on “edit”.

20. One more thing you can do is once your ad is up and running and you are in the “edit” mode (shown in stage
19), at the bottom of the page  it will display the current bid rate for your ad e.g. $0.09 – $0.11  What you can do is tweak your ad to try and get the lowest bid rate for the lowest number of countries added. Do this by taking note of the current bid level just mentioned and then removing one of the countries you are not interested in advertising to by clicking on the x on the country name. Now look at the bid value again. Has it gone up by more than 1 pence or 1 cent etc? If it goes up by more than say 2 then re add the country. If it stays the same more or less then leave the country removed. By doing this you can further target your ad down to more relevant countries using trial and error. Don’t forget to click “save” once you have modified your ad.

21.  I have found by testing that the combination of countries in the picture below gives a low bid value if you want USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa included i.e. including Brazil, Argentina and Peru brings the bid price down. You can do your own experimenting by adding in other countries to see if the price goes down at all. If it doesn’t just remove them.

22. Each time, leave your ad for a day and check results and if necessary, edit again to keep tweaking your ad or change the wording of your ad to see if you get better results etc.

23. You can also try going to the interests section, clicking on the “switch to precise interest targeting” link and then typing in relevant areas of interest e.g. football, sports etc and then click on the tab that appears with  # next to it e.g. #football and see how much the bid goes up to at the bottom of the page. If the lowest bid value is below $0.10 (£0.10 etc), your ad should still get impressions.

24. On the main stats page (CLICK HERE  skip add then click on “All Adverts”) it automatically displays the last 7 days, but there is a drop down tab where you can change this to see today’s or yesterday’s stats only. Then you can modify any ads that aren’t getting enough impressions by tweaking them to try and get a lower bid rate.

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