Tuesday, 1 April 2014

WEP wifi password cracking (You can crack it with in 10 minutes)

So many of you tired about cracking wifi connections. I will help u for cracking WEP wifi cracking
1 - Download the blackubuntu OS

2 - Install to your pen-drive like a live mode based on linux live usb creator software

3 - wait upto 15 min ur live mode will be create

4 - Insert a pen-drive boot ur system from ur pendrve

5 - Select default live mode

5 - Applications --> Pentest--->Radio analysis -->wifi crack--> Airmon-ng gui

6 - Click first menu -->airmon-ng--->Load the interface -->select wlan0 --->enable monitor mode

7 - Next tab -->select best signal strenth wifi --->click sniff the packets

8 - Please wait up to collect 5000 pkt

9 - click deauthendication

10 - Click perform all attacks or Click crack button

Now u can get that cracked key like corresponding mac address
copy and paste in wifi password fiels and enjoy

Note:- for this you should have basic knowledge of Linux commands

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