Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Register IDM(internet download manager) without any crack

I see that many people on here still have a problem with IDM, also I noticed that their is many crack are infected !!! so I decide to write a little tutorial that will help you to solve this issue.
So keep attention and follow these little steps one by one :
1- Download the IDM, Install it then click on Registration.

A dialog box will appear asking for Name, Last Name, Email Address and Serial Key.
Now Enter you name, last name, email address and in field of Serial Key enter any of the following Keys:
After clicking, it will show error message that you have registered IDM using fake serial key and IDM will exit.
Now DISCONNECTand Go to the path C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
Open hosts file with notepad.[/color]
Now copy the below lines of code and paste it to below localhost registeridm.com http://www.registeridm.com secure.registeridm.com http://www.internetdownloadmanager.com secure.internetdownloadmanager.com mirror.internetdownloadmanager.com mirror2.internetdownloadmanager.com
Save it.

Now you must right click on hosts file ----------> Settings -------------------> Security Tab ------------> Edith -------------> Administrator ---------> check DENY for write permission

Check the picture bellow :
Why choosing deny writing ? because the new version of IDM change the settings of your hosts file when you click on register and it change the to 12#.0.0.1 so the software can communicate with the server and check if the key is legit or not !!!

Don't forget to apply and click OK :)
[Image: TSXZajd.png]

Now check IDM, it should be converted to full version.

Enjoy it. 
If you face any problem comment below.

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