Saturday, 22 February 2014

How To make Facebook Name OF Only 1 Word Or without Middle or last name

Today i am going to show you a very nice trick to make your facebook profile very intrusting by changing your name to stylish one.So without waisting time lets start.

1. First Of all Go to hidemyass And Then Go to Ip:port Proxies
After that u will Find many Proxies with ports...... Find One n latest With The Indoneshia Name And Copy it

2. Go to Mozilla Firefox Open Tools >> options >> Advanced >> Network >> Settings >>

Then Click on manual Proxy Configration and Put Ur Proxy With Port There

[Image: Make-One-Word-Facebook-Name.png?resize=409%2C483]

Click Ok .

Now Go to Facebook Account settings . The last one will be Languages. Click on it and Select " Bahasa Indoneshia"

After Doing that Click Ok.

Now Go to Ur Name Change Remove whatever u want from Last name and middle name And Only Write First name and PRess Ok.

Here u Done u have sucessFully achieved.

If problem comes please comment below.

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