Monday, 13 January 2014

How to Get Unlimited Facebook Page Likes Working 2014 [100%]

THIS method is 100% working. With this method you can get unlimited likes on a facebook page or photo or friends etc.

To get unlimited likes you just have to follow few easy steps so lets get started
First go to following link and register.
Register HERE

  • Log in to site and click on add and manage pages.
  • Click on facebook Likes.
  • open new tab in you browser and open image or page on which you want likes.
  • copy address  of that page and paste in facebook url in that page you opened earlier.
  • type any name in link discription.
  • set credits to 6 (if prefer you 6 or you can also set it to 9 10 Etc. )
  • Now click on add URL butten.
  • Now your page is set. we can proceed to next step
  • Open Social media exchange and click on Facebook likes.
  • In new tab open you facebook account (i recommend you to make a fake account for this because no one wants to mess his account)
  • Now open that page again and click on posted link to earn credits.

NOTE:- The more you click links the more you earn credits and you will start getting likes on your page.

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