Thursday, 21 November 2013

Adfly Autopilot Trick With Blogger

How to make money from Blogger With Adfly You don't need an Adsense account for this, I want to tell you guys its a really Workin Simple and Extra Hot money Maker trick.

You can Say it An Autopilot method too.

So keep reading>>>>>>

What do you need for this step is just an A Google Account and your Adfly account, Don't take any risk and never use your personel Google Account For this.Because you don't want thousand of spam or foolish comments in your personel account.

Create New One Or Use the same  which one you are using as Youtube Video publisher, Create A blog on Adult Stories, Adult Images or Tech, Software Keys Kind of Topics
Choose A Wise Subdomain Like if you are making a Adult site so
If you are making a tech or software related blog so or something

But it should Match with "Niche"

After that go on google or search for your blog releted things
Example: if you have created a blog on sex stroies so search for sex strories on google or go on any famous sex story website and just copy the Hot content and post in your blog.

After that
Go To Your Blog Settings--------->>>>
Well By Default Its Already Visible But Make Sure

Click on Privacy Change Setting As Visible for Search Engines

Now Go To templates and Click Edit HTMLegnore warning and  Hit "Proceed"

Just Copy Following Code from here and Paste there

 Note:Change id=xxxxxxx with your Id

<script type="text/javascript">
var adfly_id = 2834320;
var adfly_advert = 'int';
var frequency_cap = 5;
var frequency_delay = 5;
var init_delay = 3;
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

This is Adfly Website Entry Script if someone enter in your blog he will automatically redirected on adfly ad links so you don't have to worry about people clicking on your adfly urls or not :D
Just paste the code and enjoy.

Note:This Trick Take Some Time Beacuse You Are Not Going To Be Indexed On Google In  1 Day It Will Take Some Time So Keep Patience.

But once when it will start you don't have to do anything just watch your earning on adfly and enjoy it will work same kind as Autopilot.

Feel free to ask any qusetion and please don't forget to comment Thanks!

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