Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Get Thousends Of Friwnds On Facebook, Add Them In Group

hello friens today i am going to show you a small tutorial on how to add thousands on friends on facebook at once...
Q - What is a use to add thousands of friends ?
Ans - If you had a facebook group you can use these friends to get your group member count increased. You can use it to advertise. Possibilities are unlimited.

Q- How to add so many friends in my group without inviting them manually?

Ans - Below is the tutorial on how to do that.

Q- Is this some Kind of Vulnerability ?
Ans - You can say that. Ill answer that in a minute.

Q - How to use it ?

Ans - Here is a tutorial on what to do and how to do. So lets get to it Superman
Step 1 - Download this huge email list - Step 2 - Open the list you downloaded, copy all emails in that by pressing ctrl+A then ctrl + C . Now login to your facebook account and goto - 
Step 3 - Now paste all the emails you copied in the first text box and type the message you want to give to them along with your frnd request.. For eg - "Hi add me, gonna b fun talking to you. thanks"

Step 4 - Click Invite your Friends and page will be loaded showing to how many people we sent friend request.

Step 5 - Now wait for some time. Its the imporant part. You need to wait so that they add you. When you'll find you have enough friends you can move on to he second part.


In this part i will show you how to add thousands of friends to your group without inviting them manually. Facebook limits adding people at once. Its about 60 i think. We can bypass it.

Follow the steps -:

Step 1 - Goto your facebook group. If you are on google chrome then press ctrl+shift+J and if you are on firefox then press ctrl+shift+K

Step 2 - you'll see something like this

Step 3 - Now copy the code i am giving you here and paste it exactly in that box.

You should do something like this :-

Step 4 - Now press Enter and wait till it do its job.

Step 5 - Check your members in your group and enjoy.

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