Monday, 5 August 2013

Find Your total male and female friend on facebook

Facebook is a plece where you meet lack of peoples at one place and connected to each other. We have so many know and unknown peoples in our Friends list, some times we don`t know , how many friends we have exactly in our lists , the Facebook friend counter which tells only your total number of friends , they did not tell how many boys and Girls are exactly in your friend list. But If you are really want then there are a good Facebook Application developed by us, called Myfriends, This is a really good application to find out how many male and Females friends you have. Its having a good user interface , with in 2 min , you can get your Friends.

How to use MyFriends Facebook Application.

Step 1. Go to .

Step 2. Choose Find out your Total male and female Friends Application.

Step 3. Click on Find out Total Friends button.
Step 4. It will ask for Facebook Authentication, click on next and Allow.

Step 5. After Processing your Account its will show you, how many Girls and Boys in your Friends list. 

Note : Sometimes it will do more processing to calculate your Friends , be Patience at that time , it must show the result.

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