Monday, 26 August 2013

Enlarge Unclickable Facebook Profile Image

Hey Facebook users here is another useful trick  for you people if you want to see anyone's locked profile picture in full size.

So lets start all you have to do is Right click on the unclickable image and click on copy image URL and Paste it in the search bar or omnibox and do some modifications as explained below .

1.Clickable Image
When you right click a clickable image will look like this as shown in the image below.
Facebook clickable image

2.Unclicable Image
When you right click on a unclickable image the following options appear as shown in the image.
Facebook unclickable image right click

Image Url will look like as mentioned below-

All you have to do is remove s160x160/ and press enter.
you can type in 720x720  instead of 160x160.


It was really easy zooming in or enlarging over an unclickable image . So remember next time any one locks there image you can still view it with the methods shown above . All the best !

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