Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Adfly bot/auto_clicker+ large proxy list FREE 2013 [working]

Hello everyone!

I am not posting so much because i am little bit busy in my studies.
So don't Think i stopped posting i will post more posts on sunday Stay tuned ;)...

Today i am giving you a very useful tool adfly bot....

Maybe some of you know http://adf.ly/, they pay for shrinking links. I'm here to give you the keys to get MONEY FOR FREE.

No this is not a joke, here you've got a pack of autoclicker/bot for adfly with proxy list and all of this free!! Yes, I give you those tools for free, without password or something else.

But what is in the zip file?
-First, there is NO VIRUS
-Second, you get 3 bot/autoclicker and you can use the three or the one that you want.
-Third, you get a large proxy list to use with the programms, so you save a lot of time.

Here it's the package : adfly bot

 Enjoy your new tools!

If you have any problem feel free to comment below


  1. Does it really works ? I am running it since 3 days for almost 12 hrs.
    But no change in adfly account balance...
    I hav added my blog link, facebook page link, other 3 links...
    Is anything wrong I did?

    1. yes it really works i am also using this bot and its working perfectly for me. I think you r doing something wrong. If you do everything correctly it will show you result instantly. I think you are adding wrong links in it.

  2. Link is dead bro... Can you update the new one?

  3. Ajay ranjane bro..........
    i am facing same problem..........................

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