Monday, 8 July 2013

Root any Android Mobile in 2Mins [How to]

Rooting is the simplest task these days.Even a guy with simple knowledge can do this with the simplest tools available on the net.Now i will say you a best method through which you can root any android mobile without any defects.

     Unlock Root  is a such tool which can root almost any android mobile available in market.

  •      Android Mobile
  •      Device Drivers
  •     Windows PC
Root any android easily [steps]:
1.First of all install drivers for your mobile phone.It can be given along as a CD along with your mobile device.Otherwise search online for the mobile drivers for your mobile.
2. Next Download the Unlock Root software to your PC.The download link can be provided here.
Unlock Root
3. Now Connect Mobile to your PC with the USB Cable.
4. Your device must be in USB Debugging mode. To turn it ON, in your android phone,go to-->
         Settings > Applications > Development and check the box.

5. Now Run the App and click the Root button,it then shows you all the list of android mobiles connected to your PC.Select your device and sit relax.Now the process continues for 2-3mins and then displays the message "rooting finished" on the left bottom corner of the window.

You can find Device drivers from here

Rooting voids your phone warranty and you may brick your mobile.Although you can un root it anytime and get back your warranty.
If you wanted to UnRoot it,then just click UnRoot button and Continue.
I have tried it on my mobiles and it worked fine.So i`m not responsible for any loss.

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