Saturday, 20 July 2013

Remove/Bypass any Adfly Links From Any Website

As many people are requesting me to removing adfly links from my blog so today i am posting this only for you people. with this trick you can bypass any adfly link from any blog. Finally i also promist that i will not use adfly links in blog. It seems impossible to remove all old links so that's why i am posting this tutorial for you people. good luck and stay tuned.

First of all i want to give some information and reasons that why i am using on my blog. is a Very  popular URL shortening service. if you use adfly to shrink your links you can earn 5$ per 10.000 page views. Some people don't like this kind of URL shortening services. Personally i don't like them too. Thats why i use this Chrome  extension to bypass all links. After installing this you won't have to wait 5 seconds and click Skip ad button. it will automatically redirects you to the Targeted page. In this post i'll show  you how to bypass on Google chrome browser.  within  few hours i'll post how you can do it on firefox, Internet explorer and Opera. Watch video tutorial below.

Note: In this tutorial, I'm only gonna show you how to done this trick in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. For the other browsers, you just only need to google on how to use the Greasemonkey script on your browser. 

- Mozilla Firefox 

First of all, your Firefox browser must have the Greasemonkey addon installed. If you haven't installed  it yet, you can get it from here.

Next navigate to the Fly-Ads-Fly Greasemonkey script page. Then hit on the "Install" button and confirm the script installation when prompted.

- Google Chrome


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