Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Gmail/Facebook ID Hacking With Tab Napping

Before Proceeding with Tab Napping First We Have To Know About
What Is Phishing?
Phishing: - So phishing is a technique in which we give a fake page to
our victim and then convince him to login into that page.
In Phishing We have two file one of them is fake login page and
other is log.php file and log file help us to get logs from a person
who login into our fake page and before uploading these two files
we connect them with each other .for connection both of them the
criteria is given below
{open index.html file into and find keyword “action” here. you will
see a keyword action=”https://www.face****” something like this,
remove this whole link which is under double quotes “” and put here
“login.php”. Save it } and after that upload to any webhosting site
and this whole process is known as phishing
So Let’s Proceed Further with Tab napping So Tab Napping Is An
Advanced version of phishing like Istealers advanced version of
keylogger so now let’s star


Download Link For Tutorial 

  Download Link For Files For Gmail Hacking

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