Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Freeze/Hack Any Facebook Account

Yesterday when i was surfing on the net i came across an interesting script kidy tool Facebook Freezer  Actually this tool is not used for hacking Facebook but it is simply used to prevent users from logging into Facebook sounds cool ? ha . Follow the instructions given below to prevent your friends , from logging into their Facebook account

Concept Behind The Hack  :-

Facebook has a security feature in which after 25 or so logins the account is temporarily disabled,to enable the account the account owner must reset his/her account
Thus, even when victim tries to login his Facebook account using correct password, he is not able to login to his Facebook account, thus you can hack Facebook account thanks to Facebook Freezer.

Hack Facebook Accounts With Facebook Freezer :-

1. Frist a fall  Download Facebook Freezer from Here

2. Now extract the files into a folder 
3. Now  run Facebook Freezer.exe file  as shown

4. Now enter the email id of  the victim whose Facebook account you want to hack using Facebook freezer and finally hit "Freeze".

5. That's it. You will now be able to hack Facebook account using this Facebook freezer. This freezing will continue until you hit "Stop Freezing".This will not hack facebook account for you but it will prevent the victim from logging into his ,her account,

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