Thursday, 25 July 2013

Earn 1$ Per Day Without Any Investment

Hey users  Now its time to show you a real tutorial which will help you to earn some money without any investment. No Tricks No games...

Its just a simple method which will help you to earn money online without doing anything .

Its just a software just download it and it will start working automatically and u can watch increasing money

I am also using this and i have earned 3$ in just a week. So lets start now without waisting much time.

  1. First of all go to website from Here.
  2. After that fill the registration form correctly.
  3. Now they will send you email to your provided address click on the link to activate your account (also sheck in spam folder)
  4. login and go to personal then profile and fill your mobile number and country in it.
  5. Now they will send you a message with code in it on your mobile number. (please wait for 1hr this process takes time)
  6. reply that message from mobile with that code. 
  7. If you didn't get message then try using different number. 
  8. When you have completed 6th step then go to your profile and take a look at your mobile number status if it is verified you may process otherwise wait for some time.
  9. If you have done 8th step successfully then you may proceed to next step.
  10. Now click on ticket and then generate a new ticket.
  11. It will open new window something like this.
  12. In subject write:- Thread activation
     Leave department as trial
  13. In Questions write:- I have verified successfully please activate my trial thread. Click Send Button
  14. Now wait for one day and download the software from your account by clicking download butten.
  15. When your thread is activated run the software and you can watch your increasing money every second. 
Good luck......

If you have any questions then please comment below.


  1. how can we redeem money to indian accounts can u send me detailed to

    I have registered through ur referral link

    1. hello vwebs in few days i am going to post a tutorial on how to redeem money from Coin Generation. so stay tuned.....