Saturday, 7 April 2012

shut down small websites crash them using DDos attack commant prompt trick

hello guyz i found way to crash websites. but like i say my post are only for knowlage purpose.
Have you ever wanted to DOS attack on a website. Here I am going to write about a tool which is really helpful but it wouldn't be effective on big servers. 

First of all you need to know the IP address of the website you want to crash.
Use ping command in windows to get the ip address of the website.
open CMD and enter ping
see the screenshot

1.Find  a target website , mainly the one  with apache server 

for ex we have our website :

2.Now we have to find ip adress of website so, goto run>typ CMD >then  type ping you will find the ip adress of website below just copy that ip adress let it for ex :

4.Now we have got ip adress to send the packets , now in the next line  type :

      ping  -t -l 65500     [Here ip adress is just an example]

now keep your computer as it is for 1 hour

5.after one hour visit the website you will see the website is crashed :p
NOTE- This article is only for knowledge purpos.

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